LUMIERE RUNWAY is powered by Meler Productions, a boutique event & marketing company.

LUMIERE RUNWAY supports all artists by creating a modern and classic Fashion show. We are actively engaged in supporting local charities.

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Meler Productions Limited is an Event Management and Productions House based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. We are a live event production company that offers a broad portfolio of equipment and services, partnering with clients to make any event of any size, including fashion shows, concerts, corporate events, galas, tours, theatrical productions.

Considering our strong connection between East & West, a cultural exchange, is the DNA of Meler Productions. Each event produced and managed, we make sure we understand what the clients need and want to achieve, from there, we propose out of the box cost effective concepts. 

We help our clients entertain, inform, and inspire the world and encourage them to take responsibility for the sustainability of their brands.

Dialogues around arts and culture have always played an essential role in the creative process and constitute a key source of inspiration for the Meler Productions Team.


Creative industries, Arts, and Culture

New Arrivals

Stand Out looks on the red carpet

What We Do?

We strive especially to invite international designers to express their artistic talents as well as to speak out, to make a meaningful social statement.

Lumiere Runway Fashion Show will be featuring some really top-notch celebrity models this season, stay tuned!

We work with highly competent public relations firms to insure the most appropriate demographic is reached for our target audience.

Our guests frequently include film and music celebrities, commercial buyers, entertainment industry executives, marketers, potential investors, the press…and of course, potential customers of the merchandise being modeled.

We pride ourselves in giving personal and professional correspondence with and service to each and every fashion designer, with especially focused attention to international designers.

Fashion cultural Heritage

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